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Terhi Polkki
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Terhi Pölkki : Fashion made in Finlande
A young Finnish graduate of Cordwainers at London College of Fashion, Terhi Pölkki launched her own brand in 2011. In January 2012, she participated in a competition organised by the Who's Next Blog and Spartoo that supports and exposes emerging talent of international fashion. Preselected by a professional jury, she was elected by Internet users and is being rewarded with funding for her autumn-winter 2012 collection on the shoe selling website. Refined lines, powdery colours, and stylish basics: this is the brands signature. Combining simplicity and originality, the creator has demonstrated a real know-how through her pieces that illustrate a style from the North.

Shoes Terhi Polkki 

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Shoes Women Shoe boots Terhi Polkki EINY Beige / Black

Terhi Polkki

£ 308.00      £ 184.80
Available sizes
Shoes Women Shoe boots Terhi Polkki EINY Beige / Black
Terhi Polkki

£ 308.00      £ 184.80ORIGIN PORTUGAL


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