Sponsor your friends and earn money!

Win money!

£10 for you after your friend's first order
£10, just for your friends for their first order

You can recommend up to 100 friends and get up to £1000. Send them a reminder via the "Recommend a friend" section of your customer account!

A simple process

It's easy ! To sponsor your friends, your friend simply has to indicate your email (1) when signing up with Rubbersole.co.uk

Use the form below to recommend a friend

Win prizes!

Win gifts !

Each quarter, Rubbersole.co.uk awards many gifts : pairs of shoes, gift voucher, and accessories to the top 3 sponsors. Sign-up now at Rubbersole.co.uk and sponsor friends to earn pounds!

Win money!

A simple process

Win prizes!

(1)The email address used when you registered your account at Rubbersole.co.uk (2) Profits earned through sponsoring will be awarded in the form of a gift voucher valid for 1 year at Rubbersole.co.uk. Orders are calculated at the end of a 30 day period- provided the total is a minimum of 50 pounds, and no item from the order has been returned. Rubbersole.eu reserves the right to disqualify orders in the case of fraud. Every 20 pounds, you can convert the value of your sponsor account into Rubbersole.co.uk gift vouchers.

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To sponsor your friends, enter your email address and validate.

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