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Antik Batik
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The authentic Antik Batik
Gabriella Cortese, creator of the brand Antik Batik has a wandering soul. Italian by birth and Parisian by choice, she has travelled the world. Through her travels she discovered Batik art, the ancient art of dying patterns by stamping the fabric, and the art of bandhani, another dying process better known as "tie-dye." In 1992, Gabriella decided to combine her knowledge of embroidery with these dying techniques to create her collection of bags: and Antik Batik was born. This strongly inspired designer offers us a very Art Nouveau collection of colourful items and takes us back in time with imagery from the early 20th Century.

Clothing Antik Batik DOVE 

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Clothing Women Tunics Antik Batik DOVE White

Antik Batik

£ 133.00      £ 79.80
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Clothing Women Tunics Antik Batik DOVE White
Antik Batik

£ 133.00      £ 79.80


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