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Vicomte A.
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Vicomte A.: to be elegantly different
By selling ties door to door in the upscale neighborhood of a city in North Carolina, Arthur Soultrait developed a taste for entrepreneurship. Back in France, he landed his first contract in 2005 to manufacture ties for the French delegation of Paris 2012, candidate of the Olympics. The brand Vicomte A. emerged showing off the boldness, creativity and impertinence of the young designer. His goal: to offer its customers the opportunity to be elegant, differently. Since then, Vicomte A. has become a leading brand, and dresses families from head to toe. The brand also partners with some of the most prestigious sporting events such as polo, golf, sailing, tennis and cars, and provides the French team of Polo and Brazilian horse riding team, including the famous Rodrigo Pessoa,with its creations.

Shoes Vicomte A. SARK 

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Shoes Men Hi top trainers Vicomte A. SARK Black

Vicomte A.

£ 153.00      £ 91.80
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Shoes Men Hi top trainers Vicomte A. SARK Black
Vicomte A.

£ 153.00      £ 91.80ORIGIN PORTUGAL


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