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Yin, style made in Italy
Young and fresh, the brand Yin has invaded the wardrobes of those who need to stay on top of the latest trends. Inspiration and suggestion are embodied in each one of their designs, and you can easily spot this brand thanks to their exclusive designs. Yin shoes are designed in Italy, in a perfect combination of creative and traditional expertise, style, refinement, quality, and comfort. They are the fruit of a collaboration between a dynamic team of stylists and experienced manufacturers. The unending search for better materials, unique product designs, and a high-quality finish are the signatures of each Yin design.

Shoes Women Yin 

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Shoes Women Ankle boots Yin BETH GIPSY Mocca

Beth Gipsy

£ 196.00      £ 117.60
Available sizes
Shoes Women Ankle boots Yin BETH GIPSY Mocca
Beth Gipsy

£ 196.00      £ 117.60


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