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Maki Uehara
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Maki Uehara : European Style arrives in Japan
This is one of the most pleasant surprises of the season. The young and fresh Japanese brand Maki Uehara brings us healthy dose of the new trends in its latest collection. Its creator, the daughter of a large shoe manufacturer in Japan, has given herself the task of developing shoes modelled after European fashion trends. Products meet codes and a clothing meets style in a way that is familiar but it's the finishing touches and details that are not found anywhere else. That's what makes Maki Uehara such a strong competitor, and her designs irresistible to connoisseurs. A great brand - even if remains difficult to on our continent!

Shoes Women Maki Uehara 

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Shoes Women Ankle boots Maki Uehara SHIGE Taupe / Ebony

Maki Uehara

£ 190.00      £ 114.00
Available sizes
Shoes Women Ankle boots Maki Uehara SHIGE Taupe / Ebony
Maki Uehara

£ 190.00      £ 114.00


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