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Karine Arabian
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Unique by Karine Arabian
She combines natural sophistication and luxury with grace. After having studied at Chanel and Swarovski, Karine Arabian decided to create her own easy-to-wear luxury brand. The daughter of a tailor and the granddaughter of a boot-maker, she has inherited knowledge passed down from generation to generation and you can see this in each of her collections. A stylist but a woman above all else, she reinvents designs to show off your style and make your life a little bit easier. "The starting point for my collections is often what I am going through on a day to day basis, and each collection teaches me something about myself and helps me grow. It's a work in femininity: in my designs, I try to combine a strong and eye-catching look with women's daily concerns by trying to avoid things that are too complicated. Accessories stay with us all day long and they are often a prolongation of our bodies, our thoughts, our memories. I'm always looking to embody the dynamism of women by making them more beautiful, more elegant, and more confident in themselves". Unique volumes, graphic inspirations, and harmony will awaken your senses.

Shoes Karine Arabian JOLLY 

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Shoes Women Sandals Karine Arabian JOLLY Cognac / Beige / White

Karine Arabian

£ 281.00      £ 168.60
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Shoes Women Sandals Karine Arabian JOLLY Cognac / Beige / White
Karine Arabian

£ 281.00      £ 168.60ORIGIN SPAIN


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