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The quality and authenticity of leather for modern adventurers
The French brand Chevignon was founded by Guy Azoulay in 1979. A bit of a dunce at school, at the age of 15 he left and decided to work in a garment factory in which he began to make his own jackets. A follower of American culture and flea markets, he created the model that would launch Chevignon on the road to fame. With a take on the classic old bomber jacket, an inspired by the "Aviators" worn by U.S. soldiers in the 50's, Chevignon is synonymous with quality and considered high-end. The brand has been made ​​famous for its leather collections, one of which was the first of its kind as it was created for kids in 1984. Later cames the collections "Legend" and "Unlimited" recently completed by the "Togs". Its collections are initially addressed to men, urban adventurers of modern times, who like to be stylish while remaining relaxed and with an emphasis on elegance and noble materials. Building on its success, Chevignon became an international sensation thanks to its spirit of authenticity and quality.

Clothing Chevignon TL NEW DUTY 

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Clothing Men Long sleeved tee-shirts Chevignon TL NEW DUTY Grey

Tl New Duty

£ 62.99      £ 37.79
Available sizes
Clothing Men Long sleeved tee-shirts Chevignon TL NEW DUTY Grey
Tl New Duty

£ 62.99      £ 37.79


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