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Lelli Kelly
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Kid 7
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Lelli Kelly for the trendsetters.
Colourful, girly details and a good dose of fantasy: Welcome to the wonderful world of Lelli Kelly! This Italian brand for young girls combines children's fashion know-how and quality of finishes.  Lelli Kelly shoes are the result of a detailed study of the needs of aspiring fashionistas, both in their style of comfort so that they can dance, run around and play jump rope. One thing is certain: the little princesses and their mother will not be able to resist this brand!

Shoes Lelli Kelly Size Kid 7 

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Shoes Girl Sandals Lelli Kelly GARDENIA-2 Lilac

Lelli Kelly

£ 61.99      £ 37.19
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Shoes Girl Sandals Lelli Kelly GARDENIA-2 Lilac
Lelli Kelly

£ 61.99      £ 37.19


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