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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens Dr. Martens 

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Dr Martens, the story of an icon
At the beginning, a surprising alliance: that of Doctor Klaus Maertens, with his garage of innovations, and that of the Griggs family, an industrial family from Northampton. Together, they created a shoe that was comfortable, practical, durable, and with a classic design, made on the first air-cushioned sole. These work shoes, named the 1460 as a reminder of the date the shoes were first manufactured, the 1st of April, 1960, became a real revolution. Without any effort, the brand Dr.Martens watched in awe as their products became a hit in the Anglo-Saxon subculture. Year after year, Dr.Martens would become a rallying cry, a method of expression and soon became iconic in numerous music scenes. Fashion, always fascinated by authenticity, also adopted the phenomenon. 2010: Dr.Martens celebrates their 50th anniversary and the brand has never been more vibrant and modern - a blank canvas ready to be painted with the paintbrush of generations.

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 Dr. Martens shoe brand FAQs

Dr. Marten is a UK-based brand that deals with shoes, bags, and accessories. While on our website, you will find a variety of shoes depending on the section you choose. For example, by clicking on the 'New Arrivals' tab, you will get to know the top brands available such as Betty London, Nike, Polo Raph Lauren, Havaianas, and Converse, among others. You can click on tabs such as 'Women', 'Men', and 'Children' to choose shoes. Here are some popular FAQs regarding the shoe brand.

 What are the main Dr. Martens models?

Dr Martens shoes come with high-quality construction, giving you comfort and great looks. You can get Dr. Martens shoes in oxfords, boots, and loafers. What is interesting about this brand is that it has taken the traditional insole out of the shoe. The sole's design varies depending on the style and design that the shoe comes with. Aside from this, there are different types of soles on which you can place insoles to make it more comfortable and match your foot size precisely.

The main models are :

 On what occasions can you wear Dr. Martens shoes?

If you are planning on wearing Dr. Martens shoes to formal events, you will find that the company offers a wide range of options. From oxfords to loafers and boots, Dr. Martens shoes can be worn on almost any occasion. You can wear Dr. Martens to casual events, business meetings, dinners and other social gatherings. The shoes are also known for their durability and high-quality material, making them suitable for daily use. You only have to choose what you prefer most.

 What are the main advantages of Dr. Martens shoes?

The main advantage of Dr. Martens shoes is the original design. It has been a fashion staple, and it is still the source of inspiration for most people. Another advantage would be their durability, as Dr. Martens shoes are made from high-quality materials that won't easily break or wear out. Another big plus for this brand is getting various styles and designs that will suit your needs perfectly. Whether you love a high or an ankle boot, you can be sure to find them at Dr. Martens.

 What style to wear with Dr. Martens shoes?

Dr. Martens shoes come in various styles and sizes. You can choose the one that will suit your needs best. Select a pair of Dr. Martens shoes for men or women that best suits your body type and shape. You can pick between oxfords, loafers, boots, work leathers depending on what you like.

You can also buy Dr. Martens shoes in various colours such as black, blue, brown, red, and grey. While visiting the official website, you only need to browse the available shoes and place your order.

 How to clean Dr. Martens shoes?

Dr. Martens shoes, like all shoes, are prone to dirt, dust and dirt. However, this is also exactly what makes shoes more attractive. The best way to maintain the shine and shine of your Dr. Martens shoes is to vacuum them using a regular vacuum cleaner. After that, you can use a soft cloth or brush to remove any unnecessary dirt that may be left behind by the vacuum machine. You should also dry them immediately after removing any excess water. Otherwise, your Dr. Martens shoe will start to stink and eventually cause bacterial growth because of moisture with bacteria inside the pores that make it defective in quality. Anyone with allergies should avoid wearing worn-out shoes or other leather products due to reduced breathability.

 How do Dr. Martens shoes fit?

Use these shoe size charts to find the perfect Dr. Martens shoe for your foot

Dr. Martens women size chart

EU size UK size Foot size (cm)
36 3 22
37 4 23
38 5 23,5
39 6 24,5
40 6,5 25
41 7 25,5
42 8 26
43 9 27

Dr. Martens men size chart

EU size UK size Foot size (cm)
36 3 23
37 4 23,5
38 5 24
39 6 24,5
40 6,5 25
41 7 25,5
42 8 27
43 9 27
44 9,5 27,5
45 10 28
46 11 29
47 12 29,5
48 13 30

 Order your Dr. Martens shoes today

Dr. Martens is a brand of international quality specialized in creating and producing high-quality leather shoes. Besides the comfort, the shoes also allow you to make a fashion statement regardless of the occasion. You can place your order today by visiting Dr. Martens' official website or their various outlets. You only need to pick the shoe that excites you the most, place your order, and Rubbersole will deliver.

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