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Vouelle, feminine and refined
The tradition of French luxury: that's the spirit of the Vouelle fashion house. At the beginning, two young women: Melissa Regan de Vogele, who founded the brand with her husband and who worked to manage and develop the brand after receiving a diploma in finance. Michelle Boor joined the team as the artistic director after having studied in Paris and New York. Friends who work in complementary sectors, they created the brand when, on the eve of her wedding, Melissa had trouble finding the perfect shoes. That's how the first collection, launched in 2008, came to be dedicated to bridal shoes, and they have no developed a "haute couture" collection. The Vouelle look is refined, glamorous, and sexy, perfect for modern women. The high-quality shoes are made in Italian ateliers and made with respect for traditional to guarantee quality.

Shoes Women Vouelle 

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Shoes Women Sandals Vouelle ELISA White


£ 235.00      £ 94.00
Available sizes
Shoes Women Sandals Vouelle ELISA White

£ 235.00      £ 94.00ORIGIN FRANCE


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